Ansu in the Unification Church on Blessed Child Podcast

‘Join in on a conversation between Ryka, Marina, Alex and myself as we speak on Ansu, cults, religion and culture. Just to be absolutely clear, Ansu is child abuse. Find Ryka on instagram at @princessryka, Marina on IG at @marinka_dink and you can email for any questions,’

1. Ansu is institutionalized child abuse. Sets people up for self harming behavior. 2. Mentally challenged girl being held down and beaten. 6. Beaten so hard and screaming. Hit so hard you see stars – concussion. Can cause neurological disorders. 9. Moonies is a good cult to study as it’s still new. Most religion start as cults. 10. Judeo-Christian religions are all misogynistic. 13. Ten commandments said don’t start a cult and they all started a cult. 15. Satanic Temple and Satanic Church. 20. Suicide ideation. Self destructive tendencies. Escape through video games, art, school. 21. Educate myself to be able to argue and critically think. 24. Healing.

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