‘The Fucked up Brady Bunch’ on Falling Out

Elgen Strait starts the second season of his podcast ‘Falling Out’ with a reunion of the contributors for the first series. This three hour conversation features the collaborative story-telling skills of eight ex-moonies making sense of their past:

Eternity in a Box: Donna Cervelli Part 2 on Falling Out Podcast

In Part Two of Donna’s interview with Elgen, she talks about being kicked out of New Eden Academy and the pressure and problems of purity within the church. Summary of content: 4. Falling is worse than Hitler. 7. Camp Sunrise and older blessed kids, blessing seniority. 10. Dae no. Nim and cheong pyeong. 14. FearContinue reading “Eternity in a Box: Donna Cervelli Part 2 on Falling Out Podcast”

Miseducation: Donna Cervelli Part 1 on Falling Out Podcast

Elgen Strait talks to Donna Cervelli about her time in the church’s New Eden Academy Summary of contents: 1. Intro Donna and New Eden Academy. 11. Press release of Eden Academy different from reality – no heating etc. 15. Learning Korean but no proper academic classes. 23. Unification Theological Seminary. 27. Similarity to Children ofContinue reading “Miseducation: Donna Cervelli Part 1 on Falling Out Podcast”