Toxic Positivity and the Thought Terminating Cliche: Lessons on Leaving with Jen Kiaba

Jen looks at the methods of indoctrination used by the church and how thought stopping language is used as a method of control. This article is also available as a podcast.

Why Didn’t You Just Leave? : Lessons on Leaving with Jen Kiaba

Jen explains how the coercive control and manipulation of a cult makes leaving it a complex and possibly dangerous achievement. This blog post is also available as a podcast

Cults, Explained: Netflix documentary

In this useful episode exploring a range of cults, The unification church is included, with comments from Teddy Hose. What makes a cult? 1: Charismatic Leader revered as a godlike figure. 2: Doctrinated System of thought control. 3: Exploitation of members. Problems with the term cult. Cults rose to help people through social turbulence. USAContinue reading “Cults, Explained: Netflix documentary”