‘The Fucked up Brady Bunch’ on Falling Out

Elgen Strait starts the second season of his podcast ‘Falling Out’ with a reunion of the contributors for the first series. This three hour conversation features the collaborative story-telling skills of eight ex-moonies making sense of their past:

Elgen Strait on the Ares Meyer Podcast

Elgen talks to Ares about his realisations as he left the church, and why he started the Falling Out podcast. 5. Elgen background. New Yorker Hotel. 9. DC church. 12. Double life and True Parents pictures 21. Cheon il guk card and being witnessed to. 29 STF and Blessing. 39. Lancaster Gate and moon daughter livingContinue reading “Elgen Strait on the Ares Meyer Podcast”

True Family Mafia and Parentification: Teddy Hose on Falling Out Podcast

Teddy Hose speaks to Elgen about his experience growing up near the Moon family, labor-trafficking and how the church dealt with the suicide of one of the Moon family sons. In episode 2 Teddy talks about using humor to deal with difficulty, the book 1984, children being abandoned at Jacob House so that parents couldContinue reading “True Family Mafia and Parentification: Teddy Hose on Falling Out Podcast”

Tainted Blood and Forced Beatings: Ares Meyer on the Falling Out Podcast (Part 1&2)

In Part 1, Ares speaks to Elgen Strait about his experience growing up as a ‘Jacob’s Child’ in the Unification Church. In Part 2 Ares and Elgen discuss the Blessing, Special Task Force, Washington Times, dating after the church and the ‘indemnity stick’ ceremony.