Elgen Strait on the Ares Meyer Podcast

Elgen talks to Ares about his realisations as he left the church, and why he started the Falling Out podcast.

5. Elgen background. New Yorker Hotel. 9. DC church. 12. Double life and True Parents pictures 21. Cheon il guk card and being witnessed to. 29 STF and Blessing. 39. Lancaster Gate and moon daughter living there. 43. Washington Times and Moon speech. 45. Camp Sunrise and Moon children. 57. Background to starting Falling Out podcast. 63. Janja Lalich’s ‘Take back your life’. Strict rules around sex counts as sexual abuse. 65. ‘His Dark Materials’ similarity to the church. Cutting daemons from kids at puberty. 70. Confronting moonies. Everyone has different stories of how they left. Elgen wanted to create the forum to share these stories of how people left and help people. 77. Alex Stein. Layers of control. Cults stop sharing information so Elgen want to undo that. 80. Ares – we were raised to live for the sake of others. So by starting a podcast we are doing this for the people who are still in. Because of Covid we are all overflowing with the need to talk. Need to do things by talking more than writing. 84. It’s not us v them. If people are upset about the negativity, if you don’t like to hear it you need to. Freedom coming from listening to these podcasts. We did it their way our whole lives. 99. The way women were treated has been so bad. 104. Ares is motivated by healing.

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