‘The Fucked up Brady Bunch’ on Falling Out

Elgen Strait starts the second season of his podcast ‘Falling Out’ with a reunion of the contributors for the first series. This three hour conversation features the collaborative story-telling skills of eight ex-moonies making sense of their past:

Teddy Hose on The Cult Vault podcast

Teddy Hose gives an in depth personal account of growing up in the church in USA, and why he eventually left. On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU-sdKuzleA On Spotify: Subjects covered in this episode: 6. Summery of church. 8. Pikareum and blood lineage. 13. Holy wine and candy blessings. 14 similar to om shin rikkyo. 16. parents join. 18.Continue reading “Teddy Hose on The Cult Vault podcast”

Cults, Explained: Netflix documentary

In this useful episode exploring a range of cults, The unification church is included, with comments from Teddy Hose. What makes a cult? 1: Charismatic Leader revered as a godlike figure. 2: Doctrinated System of thought control. 3: Exploitation of members. Problems with the term cult. Cults rose to help people through social turbulence. USAContinue reading “Cults, Explained: Netflix documentary”

Our politics remind me of the Moonies: Teddy Hose on IndoctriNation podcast

Teddy speaks about ‘a mix of summer camps, banquets, and close bonds in an international community. These pleasant memories came along with parental abandonment, paranoia around sex and the outside world, and prioritizing loyalty toward the super wealthy, sometimes violence from the Moon family.’