Teddy Hose on The Cult Vault podcast

Teddy Hose gives an in depth personal account of growing up in the church in USA, and why he eventually left.

On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU-sdKuzleA

On Spotify:

Subjects covered in this episode:

6. Summery of church. 8. Pikareum and blood lineage. 13. Holy wine and candy blessings. 14 similar to om shin rikkyo. 16. parents join. 18. wild wild country similarities. 21. Offering child. 25. New York hotel. 29. Natural style witnessing. 32. Church of bad dads and dealing with parents. 43. Moon family violence. 46.hometown providence, 52. Grieving lost childhood 54. Moonie language. 62. Fundraising, STF. 65. Moon in prison camp – methods of control. 68. Why people join – methodology to change brain chemistry, love bombing. 85. Moon family. Domestic violence. In the shadow of the Moons. True children. 91.Fight for power. 95. ‘Explained’ on Netflix. Teddy on STF. Witnessing and fundraising. Became anxious and overly ambitious without reason. 114. Parents away. 115. Donations to the church. 117. Holy songs. 120.The term Moonie. 122. European church. 124. Cognitive dissonance when parents leave. 123. Young jin suicide and other suicides. 128. live for sake of others. 131. leaving. Find a community. Therapy. Take back your life. I got out. 137.Thanks. 

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