Cults in Our Midst: Jen Kiaba on ‘And Then Everything Changed’ podcast

Jen speaks to Ronit Plank about her life in – and recovery from – the church. Summary: The term Moonies, Vulnerability to cults and Cultic practices in business, religion, MLM. 10. Intro to church and influence in political right. ‘Bad moon rising’ by John Gorenfeld. 14. Blessed Children. 15. Moon’s marriage to 16 year oldContinue reading “Cults in Our Midst: Jen Kiaba on ‘And Then Everything Changed’ podcast”

‘The Fucked up Brady Bunch’ on Falling Out

Elgen Strait starts the second season of his podcast ‘Falling Out’ with a reunion of the contributors for the first series. This three hour conversation features the collaborative story-telling skills of eight ex-moonies making sense of their past:

The Purity Knife: Sex, death and human trafficking in the Unification Church – Jen Kiaba

Blog post by Jen Kiaba about her experience on the Special Task Force in USA::

Toxic Positivity and the Thought Terminating Cliche: Lessons on Leaving with Jen Kiaba

Jen looks at the methods of indoctrination used by the church and how thought stopping language is used as a method of control. This article is also available as a podcast.

Healing Through Art: Lessons on Leaving with Jen Kiaba (Part 1 & 2)

Jen describes how creativity is often discouraged in cults, unless it glorifies the leader. After Jen’s trauma in the church and eventual journey out, she found language to express the experience through self portraits on her way to recovery, In part two, Jen explores the research behind art therapy and why it works.