What it’s like Leaving a Cult: Faith Y3n on Franc Analysis

Faith speaks to Franc about the process of leaving and the importance of re-education, patience and understanding mental health. Summary of content:2. Parents joined as students. Looking for a place to belong. They fundraised to buy Washington Times and other companies. 5. Moon backstory – came to finish Jesus’s mission. He joined a sex cult,Continue reading “What it’s like Leaving a Cult: Faith Y3n on Franc Analysis”

Heavenly Deception with Faith Y3n

Faith is carrying out a regular live reading of the book Heavenly Deception, written by Maggie Brooks. In her weekly videos, Faith takes us through the chapters, interspersed with her astute observations and additional research. It is an incredibly insightful, useful and therapeutic journey, and all episodes so far can be found on her YouTubeContinue reading “Heavenly Deception with Faith Y3n”

‘The Fucked up Brady Bunch’ on Falling Out

Elgen Strait starts the second season of his podcast ‘Falling Out’ with a reunion of the contributors for the first series. This three hour conversation features the collaborative story-telling skills of eight ex-moonies making sense of their past:

Faith Y3n on Relationships

As we emerge from a high control group where every decision was made for us and we were shamed about romantic feelings, it can be a minefield trying to work out how to start and make relationships work in the real world. there is some great advice here… Faith Y3n says some interesting things inContinue reading “Faith Y3n on Relationships”