What it’s like Leaving a Cult: Faith Y3n on Franc Analysis

Faith speaks to Franc about the process of leaving and the importance of re-education, patience and understanding mental health.

Summary of content:
2. Parents joined as students. Looking for a place to belong. They fundraised to buy Washington Times and other companies. 5. Moon backstory – came to finish Jesus’s mission. He joined a sex cult, from which he stole the DP. 7. Saying pledge of allegiance to a secret country Cheon Il Guk. 9. Lost faith in Moon’s sanity as the job in the church was far from the book. Nothing of the doctrine is beneficial for anyone. All money and time given to this imaginary system. Result is we are bankrupt, exhausted and unable to talk to outsiders. I had to cut family ties. 12. Moon made it up as he went along. 13. People who stay are in denial. If you have therapy and examine your life you wouldn’t stay in. Comfort Zone. 14. First phase of leaving is to educate yourself. Understand information Control. Learn about mental health. Be patient with yourself. 17. My parents were abusive so I trusted outsiders more. 19. Enjoy getting an education and wearing what I like, swearing, deciding my own schedule and make my own choices. 21. Religions and cults are different. Nothing to do with the beliefs but to do with the coercion tactics used to keep them in. It’s about what happens when you try to ask questions or try to leave. Cults use mental abuse, physical intimidation, mental control, only approved emotions.  25. Washington Times founded on fundraising and influencing republican agenda. 28. Animism. Spirituality. Creating your own reality. There is no all powerful omnipotent consciousness. 31. Memento Mori. 33. Reading of Heavenly Deception on YouTube.

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