Purity Culture in the UC: “Couldn’t say no” on Blessed Child podcast

“Join part 2 of the purity culture talk with Mi Sook and Becca, a continuation from “God in the eyes of the cult”. Please listen with caution, we cover a range of difficult topics surrounding “the lynchpin of trauma”(Jenae, 2021) in the UC; Purity Culture. These are our personal stories and experiences, which are uniquelyContinue reading “Purity Culture in the UC: “Couldn’t say no” on Blessed Child podcast”

To The Moon and Back: Lisa Kohn’s memoir

Lisa’s mother joined the church when Lisa was a child, making her a ‘Jacob’s Child.’, inferior to the born and raised ‘blessed children.’. In her memoir, Lisa describes her early life with the Moon family children and her experience of abandonment while her mother took care of ‘blessed children’ instead of her own.

Tainted Blood and Forced Beatings: Ares Meyer on the Falling Out Podcast (Part 1&2)

In Part 1, Ares speaks to Elgen Strait about his experience growing up as a ‘Jacob’s Child’ in the Unification Church. In Part 2 Ares and Elgen discuss the Blessing, Special Task Force, Washington Times, dating after the church and the ‘indemnity stick’ ceremony.