Purity Culture in the UC: “Couldn’t say no” on Blessed Child podcast

“Join part 2 of the purity culture talk with Mi Sook and Becca, a continuation from “God in the eyes of the cult”. Please listen with caution, we cover a range of difficult topics surrounding “the lynchpin of trauma”(Jenae, 2021) in the UC; Purity Culture. These are our personal stories and experiences, which are uniquely our own.  Find Mi sook at @unconventional.souls and follow @mightybrecca on instagram for when she starts her own podcast in the German language with transcription. The music today was composed by Jenae sun, please reach out to her and let her know how her music made you feel at jenaesun1@gmail.com. In our next episode I interview Cathlene Bell a UC survivor who has started her own podcast “Create imperfect anyway” @createimperfectanyway . Email Reneethomasart@yahoo.com for questions or comments”


Intro trigger warning. 4.purity culture enforced by siblings. 5. Parentification. 9. Emotional injury between siblings. Sisters unable to talk to brothers. 14. Demonizing each other. Making us complicit in our abuse. Making us think it was good for us. 16.grieving the loss of sibling relationships because of the inability to talk to each other. 17. Jen Ae’s music. 19. Toxic competitivity between siblings. Golden child. Comparing children and trying to live up to unreasonable. standards. 23. Moon has chosen favorites of his sons. Pitting kids against each other. 25. Now being able to set boundaries between siblings. It was hard to show up as ourselves even with our siblings. 28.Purity culture sexualizes children. Makes it weird between literal brothers and sisters. 32.Overcome subject/object dynamic by dating other women. Finding out what you want is hard and then communicating it. In the dualistic theology there’s nothing in between. 34. There is not just male and female genitals, there is a gradient of genitalia. Intersex people, non stereotypical genitalia. 37. We shame people based on genitalia but it’s all beautiful. Purity culture divides into man and woman and disregards everything in between. 40.Offering child. Becca’s mother didn’t want to give the baby but the family were so grateful at the option that they did. Condition was that they could meet once a year. 44. Ticket to heaven to have a blessed child. 46. Couldn’t say no to giving away a child. The blessing was marriage trafficking so it made sense.49. Jacobs children. 50.trauma leaving the body. 

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