Purity Culture in the UC: “God in the eyes of the cult” on Blessed Child podcast

“⚠️⚠️Trigger warning, sexual assault, religious abuse, financial abuse, and difficult family dynamics. We welcome Mi sook and Becca to speak more on purity culture in the Unification Church and what that means, this is part 1 of a 2 part episode. For more on Mi sook and Becca search @mis_mend and @Mightybrecca on instagram. Contact Reneethomasart@yahoo.com for question, comments or feedback. Please take care of your mental health during this holiday season.”

MiSook poem – ‘I believed.’ 6. Need for parental support. Blessing is like being thrown in a pool when you don’t know if you can swim. 10. Concept of virginity. 12. Body language policed. Not able to receive love as you have to live for the sake of others. 17. Alcohol and energy. Somatic therapy – trauma is in your body. 19. Make positive connections with previously traumatic objects. 22. Power dynamic and toxic masculinity. The church taught subject and object, female and male – positive and negative. 26.toxic masculinity in Moon’s sons. 30. Invite men to talk. 31. Trauma makes me cold. Idea of what a woman should be. Specific trauma, not many people can relate. Isolation in this trauma. 37. Relationship with God was an abusive one. Grieving. Connection through telling these stories. Strength in numbers. Grief of purity culture. 50. Atlanta shooting based on purity culture. 56. Moon sexual example. And hypocrisy. Money and wealth while members are poor. 

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