It’s OK to leave

Leaving the church is a long process

Entwined in the freedom can be confusion, anger, loneliness, fear, grief and pain in the recovery journey on the way to understanding and healing. This is a place of resources, advice and support for leaving and recovering from the Unification Church.

This site is always developing, send us content that you think could be helpful to include.

Why We’re Here

There has never been a better time to leave the church. Hundreds of second generation Unificationists have gone through the trauma and confusion of extricating themselves from the church, and they are now speaking up about it. The internet is rich with stories, research and advice, and we want to collect it all together for the many more people who are joining us on this journey.

The many podcast episodes, articles and videos will be shared in the blog chronologically as they become available, categorized for ease of searching.

If you would like to add something you have found useful, send it to

Recent articles and podcasts

Raised by Wolves and Fistful of Luck with Lisa Kohn and Robbie Kohn on Falling Out Podcast

Episode 1 4. Intro to season 4 of the podcast. Making it accessible in Japan. Change in Japanese law – draft of guidelines regarding child abuse to include practices of the church. Similarity of the raptors in Jurassic Park testing the fences. One day the fences will come down. Jurassic Park dinosaurs were bred into servitude…

Dead Presidents and Father’s Day with John Gorenfeld on Falling Out Podcast

Dead Presidents 1. Intro. Not a member, wrote about the ‘bromance between the UC and right wing politicians in USA’ . 8. Intro to the book, Bad Moon Rising. Right wing politicians and Washington Times. John as a young journalist. John not happy because the book was misfiled under conspiracy. 13. Background to John’s interest in…

ICSA Conference June 2022

ICSA’s Online Annual Conference begins in 3 days. REGISTER NOW! ICSA Annual Conference – VirtualJune 24-26, 202211:00 am – 5:00 pm EST Conference Agenda and Other Details Tell others who might be interested in attending this conference. Sample of conference sessions:Cultic Gaslighting (William Goldberg)Coercive Control and Sexual Exploitation (Carrie McManus, Andrea Silverstone, Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Rod Dubrow-Marshall)Visioning the Invisible: The Traumatized…


Personal stories – Here is a collection of blogs, podcasts and videos of people who tell their story of leaving the church

Professional Advice – here we collect articles, books and advice from therapists, professors and sociologists whose research provides helpful insights and explanations for your recovery journey

Events -This is where we will list any event that may be helpful in the journey out of the church