Raised by Wolves and Fistful of Luck with Lisa Kohn and Robbie Kohn on Falling Out Podcast

Episode 1

4. Intro to season 4 of the podcast. Making it accessible in Japan. Change in Japanese law – draft of guidelines regarding child abuse to include practices of the church. Similarity of the raptors in Jurassic Park testing the fences. One day the fences will come down. Jurassic Park dinosaurs were bred into servitude – second generation are like the baby dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

13. Intro Lisa and Rob Kohn. 29. Mom makes the kids choose to leave them. Members said thank you for the sacrifice. Church leaders saying you are lucky to pay this sacrifice. At 11 years old. 32. Being taken out of speeches to play with Moon’s kids. Asked to keep watch of Moon children because no-one could control them. Lisa still has compassion for them but Robbie’s heart doesn’t bleed for billionaire kids. 35. Difficult childhood before the church so it was such a haven. 37 No-one joins a cult, they join a belief and then realize they are fucked. There are good things about the group but it doesn’t make the group good. 39. The harm is psychological. Even after leaving, Lisa was unable to say anything bad about Moon for a while. Took time. 44. Intro to book – for anyone who finds it insurvivable. Raised by wolves. That theme resonates through the podcast. 49. Lisa – acknowledge how hard it was. Also the book was a few years ago and there has been more healing since then. It does get better. 51. What a cult does to your brain. 53. Leaving church on their own, no community like there is now. 55. Discovered ICSA. Finding the ex Church community. 58. Marriage.  Difficult to be married to. 105. Thinking you are damaged. Suicide attempt, Wanted to die, believed Moon was the messiah and she was leaving him. 109. Because we believe we’re damaged we bring that into relationships. Partners question if they can be with you. People will judge you for something that happened in your past. 1.13. This show has 3 pillars. Highlight abuse. Why people left. How to rebuild a meaningful life after leaving. 1.14 Partner doesn’t have to understand it, just respect it. Don’t need to prove worth by winning over people who don’t like you.  Learn to love ourselves ‘first, most and always.’ 125. Groomed by the same guys who also kept her from killing herself. 1.30 due to rumors of fallen behavior, the Kohns were taken away from the Moon children. Then because a woman developed a crush on Robbie they weren’t allowed to see their mum. 132. Jealous of blessed Children. Mom said I never abandoned you because you were in my heart. Our parents had to make sense of it too. Hierarchy of True children, blessed children, children of blessed couples and then the Kohn kids as the lowest.

Episode 2

Trigger warning: Suicide ideation. which is a common theme.

3. Reading excerpt of the book – nearly a kiss. 5. Unable to make the first move. Not believing anyone wants me. 10. Being groomed by an engaged older ‘brother’ when Lisa was 16.  18. Speak of unconditional love but there wasn’t any.  21. Power of language. Putting the word True in front of people. 23. Robbie’s experiences of drinking and partying with Hyo Jin. Members told they are lucky to get beaten up by a true child. The privilege of abuse and pain. 33. Book excerpt At Cornell University. Walking past the CARP table. 37. Thoughts of suicide on the bridge. Better to fall to the rocks than fall spiritually. But got through it. 43. Robbie went through that later at 45. 44. What if it was all true and I will have to give up my children. It was so deeply carved and we blamed ourselves. 47. If enough people bow to you maybe you believe you’re the messiah. Even if it is a complete double standard. 49. Reflecting on writing the book. The purpose of the book is three messages: To find hope. We are all susceptible. We are not damaged. 54. Black hole when Lisa left. Walking back through the buildings and places where it happened to reclaim it. 55. Different person now than when Lisa wrote the book. 57. Difference between ‘I am broken’ and ‘I have scars.’ 1.00. Responding differently – Flight and Fawn response. People pleasing. 1.04 Title of the book, including the Moon. But also includes the idea of loving yourself to the Moon and Back.

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