Dead Presidents and Father’s Day with John Gorenfeld on Falling Out Podcast

Dead Presidents

1. Intro. Not a member, wrote about the ‘bromance between the UC and right wing politicians in USA’ . 8. Intro to the book, Bad Moon Rising. Right wing politicians and Washington Times. John as a young journalist. John not happy because the book was misfiled under conspiracy. 13. Background to John’s interest in the Moonies. Discovering elected officials supporting the Moonies. 17. Anonymous blogger – Moonie World. 22. Trying to tie together the many tentacles of the organisation as an outsider. 23. Forward to the book. ‘giant ATM for the far right’ 29. Washington Times. 31. Moonies throwing elections. Removing crosses from churches. 34. Dead presidents speaking. Mix of absurdity and cruelty. 36. Crowned King and Queen of america at the house of representatives. 40. Moon bought legitimacy. 41. Universal peace federation. 46. Moving away from describing Moon as a sinister evil to focusing on Conservatives conning Moon to get his money. 50. Similar to trump in erratic decisions. 53. Auto writing a rev moon speech. Moon’s speech is not one man’s opinion. It is truth. He would never say ‘thank you for listening’ 1.02.   Crowning of Moon at the senate. 1.04. Bishop Stallings. 1.06 Process of writing the book. Trying to avoid conspiracy theories. 1.13 Stallings and the church working with the black community. Stallings joined church and got a Japanese wife. 1.23 taking down the Cross. 1.30 priests taking wives.  1.34 Ambassadors for peace awards to get people to attend speeches. 1.39 Politicians attending and supporting church events was used to convince members it was legitimate. Using the credibility of the cult to keep children in the cult. 1.43 the second generation experience is different. First gen had a persecution complex but second gen didn’t choose this. 1.48 thank you for throwing rocks at the cult. Saying something on our behalf. 

Part 2: Father’s Day

1. Roe v Wade overturned. 3. Hiding church identity. 9. Washington Times funded by vulnerable Japanese widows. 12 shark poaching. Rules not applying to the church. 21 The book Inquisition written by a church member Jim Gavin. Freedom of religion. ‘Silence our critics’ 30. Lawsuit for scams in Japan. Church makes 350 million dollars per year in Japan. 33. Tragedy of the six Marys. Bill Cosby speaking at UC event. 40. Wierd political underbelly of the UC. 42. Different names for the UC. 43. Dinesh DeSouza. Trump spoke at an event. 46. IIFWP and hall of mirrors of name changes. 50. New Yorker Hotel – three deaths by falling. 58. Semen in the holy wine? Some was forensically analysed and contained nothing dubious. 1.07 cold shower and other conditions. 1.10 early memories of church and moon. Lineage. Being special. 1.15 not wanting to fulfill potential because you don’t want to prove the cult right. If I become a huge success now the cult will claim it. 

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