Cults in Our Midst: Jen Kiaba on ‘And Then Everything Changed’ podcast

Jen speaks to Ronit Plank about her life in – and recovery from – the church.


The term Moonies, Vulnerability to cults and Cultic practices in business, religion, MLM. 10. Intro to church and influence in political right. ‘Bad moon rising’ by John Gorenfeld. 14. Blessed Children. 15. Moon’s marriage to 16 year old Hak Ja Han. 18. Blessing to dead people. 19. Power struggle after Moon’s death. Hak Ja Han victim. 22. Gun manufacturing and sanctuary church. 29. Gradual leaving process. End of blessing. No shunning but entire community was lost. 33. Parents being wounded makes them vulnerable to cults. 34. Parents matching. 38. Mother with two personalities. 40. Expectation of blessed children to be perfect. 43. Duality of being loving parents but also making mistakes. Parentification. 44. Abusive father. Women blamed for husband’s abuse. 45. Nan Sook’s story of being hit by Moon’s son. 48. Report on each other. 49. Secret self. Physically in, mentally out. 50. Trust and boundary setting. 53. Therapy. Importance of research, books. 55. Parents. Forgiveness and compassion v accountability.
60. The importance of ‘I don’t know.’ 63. End of arranged marriage. Self loathing as a failure that might have caused mother’s cancer. 70. Helping people question their cultic group. 

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