No Hope Academy and ‘Jesus isn’t Black. He’s Korean’: Aurl Jin Vornbrock and Sun Ae Davis on Falling Out Podcast

Elgen speaks to sisters Aurl Jin and Sun Ae about their early experience in church nurseries and New Hope Academy.

1. Elgen update on Qanon interview and Frank Koffman’s funeral 9. Origin of names Elgen and Aurl Jin. 15. Jacob House. Aurl Jin nearly died at 9 months old. 24. Ancestors and restoration. 27. ‘Don’t be the ones who crucify the messiah’. 30. Similarities with multilevel marketing. 32. Jin Ae Nursery. And living in church centres. 39. Octopus chopped in the kitchen. 43. People coming and going. 46. New York Tribune. World and I. 48. Changing babysitters. 52. New Hope Academy. 58. Aurl Jin talking about sex at 8 years old. And then no longer allowed to be at the school. Sent to public school with ‘fallen children.’ Hit and slapped at school, unhappy at home without parents and with church members knowing she was ‘fallen’ . 63. Church misogyny – double standards for girls and boys. 66. Started smoking at 9 years old. 68. Rift between sisters as Aurl Jin was seen as fallen. 75. Abstinence for married couples when Moon was in prison in 84 – origin story of Sun Ae. 81.Pressure to be good to make up for sister. 84. Aurl Jin shunned at 8 years old. 86. Washington Times. 90. Japanese members’ tithing paid for the World and I magazine – ego boost for Moon. Moved to Iowa. To be continued.

Summary of Part 2:

Part 2
Voice notes welcome. Feedback on the podcast. 7. Trigger warning suicide and sexual assault. Similarity of names. 12. Move to Iowa, started fading a little bit out. 16.Pressure to be successful to make the church look good. 19. Sun Ae not allowed into New Hope Academy because of her sister. 20. ‘Jesus isn’t black he’s Korean’ – Aurl Jin learning about outside world. 21. Unable to read in public school, due to New Hope Academy education. 26. Home Church providence – people moved out of the communities. 29. Run away, sleeping under bridges, and drugs. Loose virginity at 14 and suicide attempt at 13. 32. Rehab at 14 just like a cult. 33. Cult deprogrammer. 34. Pregnant at 17 years old. 36. Sun Ae. Was a good moonie but when reading Divine Principle start to question it. 38. Church refused to help parents help Aurl Jin with her difficulties. Parents were always giving but church didn’t help. 41. Hypocrisy. 43. Getting period – triggers fear of falling. 45. Learn about selling indulgences. Ansu. Paying for ancestor liberation. That was the downfall of the Catholic Church. 50. Pure Love Alliance tour in 2000. 52. Moon’s daughter on the tour and she wasn’t nice. 55. The book ‘Conversations with God’. Gave permission to let go of the church. Lovely people but done with the church. 

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