Eternity in a Box: Donna Cervelli Part 2 on Falling Out Podcast

In Part Two of Donna’s interview with Elgen, she talks about being kicked out of New Eden Academy and the pressure and problems of purity within the church.

Summary of content:

4. Falling is worse than Hitler. 7. Camp Sunrise and older blessed kids, blessing seniority. 10. Dae no. Nim and cheong pyeong. 14. Fear of hell if you fall. 16. Religions using guilt as leverage to control people.18. Control who you can love – matching and blessing. 27. You don’t belong to you. 33. Seeing loving families outside of the church. 35. Judging outsiders. 37. Spiritually compromised by listening to Metallica and wearing black.  40. 16 year old relationship. 40. Definition of sex to destroy lineage. 41. Tampon equals threat to lineage. 46. Sent home for having sex. Put on the train on her own without telling her parents. 51. Different rules for boys – He didn’t get sent home. 57. Donna felt like a tool to produce third generation children. Concept of true families versus reality of unhappy families in the church. 60. The blessing takes away the need to improve yourself – real relationships take work. 64. No actual difference after falling – Donna was disappointed by lack of actual impact. 66. Expelled from the Moonies. Not welcome at church events after that. 67. New Yorker. 68. Forgiveness ceremonies and Hoobastank soundtrack. 69. Not fitting in the real world. 70. Talking about having been in a cult. 71. Siblings on STF and sister wanted to get out. 75. Not knowing how to be a good parent. 76. Holy wine slipped into the wine at a wedding. 77. Parents trying to influence their grandchildren. 78. ‘Parenting myself while parenting my child’. 80. ‘Your sexual organ belongs to your spouse’. 81. Live for the sake of others is a problematic thing to teach children as they learn they have no control. 83. Processing church experience many years later. 90. Living for the sake of others should include forgiveness. You need to live for the sake of yourself too.

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