Midnight Mass Moonie Edition: Blessed Child Podcast

“TW- Suicidal ideation, religious abuse, child abuse, child abandonment, purity culture, human trafficking. Join in on a super casual- triggering AF conversation between 4 ex-moonies that happen to be in the same dining room the week after New Years 2022. Find Ryka @princessryka on IG, and Marina at @Marinka_dink on IG. Questions and comments can be sent to reneethomasart@yahoo.com or Renrobot on facebook and instagram.”

1. Holidays suck for people who grew up in a cult.  Intro to Marina, Enryka, Alex. 3. Westboro baptist church. Dating. One night stands. 14. Dating older men. 16. Outcast as a teenager. 20. Being wild in clubs in 20s as a result of trauma. Substance abuse, psychosis. 21. Doing crazy things for attention. Thrill seeking. 24.Attempted suicide, to feel alive and cry for help. 25. Social media has been good to make community. Virtual commune. 31. Talking about matching at 14 years old. Being taught what not to do with your body to attract boys, so we did it deliberately. 33. Mourning sibling separation because of GOP. 34. Lying to get back into school after GOP. 38. Pranks in GOP. 43. Moonie cliques. 45. Letter from Ryka to birth parents. Ryka received a card from her birth parents hoping for Ryka to find a future spouse. So she needed to write to explain. 49. Letter – purity culture, judgement, LGBTQ+ people being judged. Frightening that value come from who I marry. Terrified to be married to a stranger. suicidal due to the church. Putting church before children. Child trafficking. Violent mysoginist Moon. Don’t believe in monogamy. Decades of therapy required. The Internet has resources, and the Cult of Trump is a good book. 59. Depression and drugs. 60. Getting kicked out of Camp One Heart. 69. Leaving the church, AA, mother leaving and realizing new things every day. Everyone needs to go to therapy. Spiritual bypassing. 72.Jumping in front of trains. In the fight or flight brain. 

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