Ansu in the Unification Church on Blessed Child Podcast

‘Join in on a conversation between Ryka, Marina, Alex and myself as we speak on Ansu, cults, religion and culture. Just to be absolutely clear, Ansu is child abuse. Find Ryka on instagram at @princessryka, Marina on IG at @marinka_dink and you can email for any questions,’ 1. Ansu is institutionalized child abuse. SetsContinue reading “Ansu in the Unification Church on Blessed Child Podcast”

Midnight Mass Moonie Edition: Blessed Child Podcast

“TW- Suicidal ideation, religious abuse, child abuse, child abandonment, purity culture, human trafficking. Join in on a super casual- triggering AF conversation between 4 ex-moonies that happen to be in the same dining room the week after New Years 2022. Find Ryka @princessryka on IG, and Marina at @Marinka_dink on IG. Questions and comments canContinue reading “Midnight Mass Moonie Edition: Blessed Child Podcast”