Animals in the Halls: Mx Yeb Raven on Falling Out Podcast

1. Intro to season three. 5.intro to Mx Yeb Raven and trans community. 8. Trans ex moonie support group. 9. Welcome Yeb, non binary and transgender. 11. Parents missionaries to Israel. 14. New York Tribune 15. Labor trafficking and immigration fraud. Strategically organised mass weddings to organize the workforce. 18. Both parents were following exes who were in the church. 21. Move to USA and put in Jacob House at nearly 2 years old. 23. Several nurseries around the world where kids were left. 24. All three siblings in Jacob House, including 3 month old sister. 26. Painting of angel and Jacob wrestling. 30. No memory of adults at Jacob House. Ration of parents to kids never high enough. 32. Dream of wild ferocious animals walking the halls. Serious danger. 40. Finding sister in Jacob House. 41. Mother had psychotic break and left the church. 44. Flirty fishing 47. Jacob House shut down and move to New Yorker. 49. Offering child offer in exchange for possible compensation. 54. Named by some Korean guy. 58. Gender specific terms and cognitive dissonance. 1.01 toe and finger injuries on the escalator. Neglect at New Yorker. 1.06 laughing as a trauma response. 1.10 rape of children. Repressed memory – our minds do what they need to do to protect ourselves. New Yorker. 1.13 cult ignoring abuse of children. 1.20 brain not developed till 25 years old – don’t go to the blessing before 25 years old. Eriksons stages of development explains it. 1.30 not doing what you love because you’re married. 1.35 Feeling behind when you start dating in your thirties. 1.37 demisexuality. Only enjoy sex with someone you have an emotional connection to. Pause for part two. 

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