Purity Culture in the UC: Everlasting Gobstopper on Blessed Child podcast

‘⚠️⚠️⚠️ sexual assault, murder, trafficking, child abuse, child abandonment, religious trauma. Join in part 1 of 2 parts with a panel of UC survivors talking about structured life courses, spirit world, purity culture and so much more. Email Reneethomasart@yahoo.com for feedback, find Becca at @mightbrecca on IG. ❤ Thank you all the survivors of PC in the UC for coming forward and sharing your story 🖤 we are not alone.’


Definition of consent. Knowledgeable agreement was absent so the blessing qualifies as human trafficking. Injuries stemming from purity culture. Intro to panel of four voices. New Eden Academy/Bridgeport International Academy. Still policing dating even though not all students are moonies. Moon put a lot of emphasis on starting schools, which were cult fronts. Group think, communal living, reporting on each other and streamline the children into STF and labor trafficking. Bridgeport was dangerous, high crime rates. 20. Unsafe areas on STF – feeling protected because we’re doing God’s work. Teaches us to disregard our own sense of safety. Dissociate from rational thinking. If bad things happened no-one would talk about it. It would be explained away by providential reasoning and nothing done about it. Moon gave a speech saying it was spirit world punishing people for straying from heavenly path. Invalidating the grief and twisting. Victim blaming. 29. They told us to be afraid of the outside world but then put us in these dangerous situations. ‘Restoration’ of money. 31. Flirty fishing. That’s what we were doing in order to sell product, even if we didn’t know we were doing it. No sense of self preservation. 34 Rapes and deaths on our parents’ Mobile Fundraising Teams. Labor trafficking. All part of this narrow road we were programmed to do. 36. Purity Knife. If we were assaulted it would have been better to kill yourself. Lineage more important than life. 38. Concept of virginity. Hetero-normative which dismisses everyone else. 42. Sense of abandonment was so strong that you don’t want to loose your parents again so afraid to break the rules. Emotional castration. So dangerous to have a crush. If I do anything wrong I will loose my parents’ love. Shame and guilt around love. Emotional and sexual restriction like foot-binding. Really scarring. 46. First Love Trauma – on Jen Kiaba’s blog. Brain conditioned into thinking being in love is dangerous. Fear of something bad happening to the one we love because of the fear tactics. And fear of abandonment. And believing I don’t deserve happiness. 55. Nightmares and panic attacks. Inner Child and self soothing. 57. Need to get rid of the magical thinking. 58 Forgiveness ceremony – before that it was terrifying that you would loose everything, Spiritual death. 60. Purity culture put the pressure on women…. to be continued.

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