Purity Culture: God’s Promise Part 2 on Blessed Child Podcast

‘Join in as Cathlene Bell, HK Ishida, Ryka Christopher and myself talk on dating post UC. We speak on how we are recovering from being raised in a high control group that stifles autonomy, gender roles in the UC, what sex means to us, and so much more. You can send HK Ishida a friend request on his instagram @hk.ishida and you can follow and listen to more of Cathlene Bell on her  podcast; Create imperfect anyway and instagram @Cathlene_Sublimates & @Createimperfectanyway. Find Ryka at @princessryka on IG and you can find me at Renrobot.art on facebook and instagram.  Ask questions, get answers.    For more on the Unification church please visit  https://itsoktoleave.org/  and follow the hashtag #exmoonie on instagram. This episode has been transcribed and you can follow the conversation on my website Exmoonie | Renrobot art | Big Spring (wildspacetattoo.wixsite.com)   https://wildspacetattoo.wixsite.com/tattoo. If your using the transcription please heart the blog, if there is no interactions with the blog this will be my last transcription provided.

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