The House Wrapped in Sorrow: Teresa Obayashi, Aurl Jin Vornbrock and Limi Bauer on Falling Out podcast

Elgen speaks to Teresa who was nursery staff at Jacob House, a chrurch nursery in the eighties where Aurl Jin and Limi were infants.


1. People are leaving the church because of the podcasts. Mosaic of stories so people can see the whole picture. 11. Teresa joining church. Running nursery in San Francisco. 1983 Mass mobilization for blessed wives to go out for 3 years. Nurseries around USA. San Francisco. Boulder, Ohio, Jacob House. Goal was to make 60,000 members, By women. Left the church 15 years ago. Ostracized for talking to a woman in a spin off cult in Japan. 21. Teresa was sent to New York to be the face of a new nursery. Moon bought 250 trucks for food distribution. Church focus on the Christian churches. 32. Origin of Jacob House name due to big mural of Jacob slaying an angel. 36. Gracemere. 42. On Sundays fathers could get the kids because the mothers were mobilized. Sundays were difficult days. Children crying when fathers brought them back. Jacob House wrapped in sorrow. 45. Aurl Jin sick at nine months and nearly died in JH. In early 1984 moon was on trial and needed good public opinion and a social worker looked at Jacob House and said they needed a license. So then it was shut down. 50. Because Aurl Jin got sick. When it was inspected CPS only saw preschool, not the residential nature of it. 58. 100 day ceremony is where Korean babies were given up. 65. Moon’s words about giving up your children. ‘How dare you ask to keep them. God gave up his son so you should be able to give up your children too. Koreans didn’t even have the luxury of a nursery.’ 75. Teresa vowed not to have children if they had to be treated like that. All the staff knew it was wrong. When moon says he gave up his kids he did leave them but they had their own Korean caregivers. Sean moon was there at 2 and he always had a plastic sword. 88. Teresa joining at 18. Love bombing. Not told it’s UC or moon until you’re in a 7 or 21 day workshop. Never time to stop and think. In Korea, realized these are not chosen people. That was a turning point. Church preys on idealism. No precursor to joining. Anyone can join. At a vulnerable time. 101.Nan Sook Hong’s book is good. There must be more information to come out. 109. Moons speech: ‘husband must give up wife and children or Satan will invade. Don’t worry about your children’s health.’ He challenges you to not be the guy who Satan’s going to invade. Similarity to Trump. 121. Black and white thinking. Common cult tactic. Certainty is comforting. What other stories from JH are still to come out? End of Season Two of Falling Out podcast.

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