A Ticket to Heaven and This is Trafficking: Enryka Christopher on Falling Out Podcast with Elgen Strait (Parts 1 & 2)

Enryka talks about being an ‘Offering Child’ and her early life in the Church, in USA and Korea.

1. Feedback on previous episodes on six Mary’s and ‘Mother’s course’. 4. Moon as sexual predator. 6. Intro to Enryka. 7.Offering child background and Ryka’s story. 21.named by Moon’s child. Making up names. 13.Jefferson House. 24. Avoiding ‘pledge’. 26. Moon making grand pronouncements about heterosexuality. 28.I was a ‘ticket to heaven’. Abusive mother. Absent father. 34. Cheong pyung. 37. Ansu – beating each other. One child being held down and beaten to remove bad spirits. 42. Holy candy with pin pricks of holy wine. 43. Legal adoption and relationship with biological family. 49. Move to Korea. 50. Gop program. Ryka’s parents dorm parents. ‘Sisters in the hall!’ 70. Homeschool and depression. Cockroaches. 76. Elgen’s account of an incident of teenagers bullying a 5 year old child in the dorm. 81. Early trauma sets patterns for future behaviour. 84. Wonder if it’s all true. 85. Crush on a boy at 9 and shamed. Then angry. 88. Girl who was self harming sent to Cheong Pyeong. 91. Girl kicked out for kissing a boy. 96. Break for next episode. 

In Part 2, Enryka’s story unfolds in Korea and back in USA in the Unification Theological Seminary before leaving the church and finding support through therapy and research,

1. Update on girl who had been sent to Cheong Pyeong, who got in touch after the last episode . 4. Intro to part two and suicide trigger warning. 5. Sexual assault on a girl so the dorm was chained shut and it was covered up. 7. Enryka moved to Unification Theological Seminary in US. Gaza school. Chicken coop in UTS. 15. Back to school in US. Culture shock. Home school. 16. Outside friend’s mom help her get out. 18. Snorkeling workshop. Camp Shahaqua.  20. Helping with fundraising for her own cash. 26. Flower fundraising 33. Elgen’s ex wife lived in UTS chicken coop too. 38. Realising she wants to get out. 9th grade start drugs. Panic attacks. 43. Sent to psych ward. Rock bottom. 44. Sent to camp Tongil. 47. Biological family blame her adopted dad for her rebellion. Both dads have argument so she got signed up to the art room. 52. Everyone’s different story of leaving. 53. Moon saying blessed couples should have sex in front of their kids. 58. Therapy for years later. Getting out early doesn’t exempt you from the trauma. 60. EMDR therapy. Night terrors and dissociation. PTSD symptoms. 66. Elgen’s team of resources in therapy. Reprogramming the memory. Internal family systems therapy. 68. Hard to find good therapists. 70. Antidepressants. 72. Cult of trump. Toolkit of all abusive systems of control. Human trafficking definition. Labor trafficking. victims don’t even know they’re being trafficked. 78. Speaking out against trafficking. 81. Birth family still in church. Cult hopping. 83. If someone’s in a cult, meet them where they are. You can’t be angry. 84. Tara Westover’s book Educated. Hiding behind the banner of Freedom of Religion. 87. UK disentangle religion from politics unlike USA. 89. The Satanic Temple – don’t be an asshole. 90. Better off having been an offering child. 91. Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Moon. But we don’t owe it to Moon. Similar to all the emigration due to Hitler. He is not owed any thanks. 94. Drive to do good for the world. 97. Perform well academically is a way to get out of the church. 100. Suicide helpline in US 8002738255. 102. If anyone wants to collaborate on research get in touch with Enryka. 103. Human Trafficking Foundation – more information. 

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