‘Whisked Away by the Moonies’ and ‘A Bond that was Life Saving’: Cynthia Lilley and Cathryn Mazer on Indoctrination podcast

Indoctrination podcast features Cynthia Lilley and her struggle to get her daughter Cathryn out of the Moonies when she joined in 1993. Subjects covered include magical thinking, similarities with the 12 step program of AA, suspending disbelief, the need to belong. Cathryn describes the CARP front group that she joined, the workshop and Divine Principle lectures which led to fundraising and living off fast food. After writing an untrue letter to her family, they were worried and tried to get in touch but the leaders told her it was Satan invading.  Her mother was prepared for her daughter to be cold and distant and after featuring on the Today Show, Cathryn got out. it. 

Catherine Mazer on The Today Show:

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